Openmrs SDK not possible to choose distro file


I’m using openmrs-sdk 3.8.2. I use it as a helper on my development, but also on some CI builds, and in the last case it would be helpful to have a flag to pick the distro properties file. I wasn’t able to find it, and checking the java source on github, seems to me that this option doesn’t exist. Is there any option I’m not aware of?


openmrs-sdk:setup -Ddistro=path/to/ should work.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I’ve been able to successfully execute the setup, using the flag you pointed, but when I try to make the build-distro, it doesn’t work if I’m outside the directory, as opposite if i’m in the same dir it works.

openmrs-sdk:build-distro -Ddistro=path/to/ works for me as well… What error you get?

@raff, I’m a little ashamed, because I didin’t even tried to use the distro flag :frowning: I assumed it was for the setup only, my bad.

Thank you

No worries. Could you please document that parameter at in return? :slight_smile:

Yes I can @raff. :slight_smile:

Thank you