OpenMRS SDK 3.2.0 Released!

We’ll be doing smaller releases from now on so to keep the announcement short…

You can now create Open Web App using openmrs-sdk:create-project.

We also fixed Docker support for Mac. @darius, does it work for you now?

In this release we also added bintray maven repo so that you can get new releases faster. In order to use that feature once openmrs-sdk:help says 3.2.0 for you, run openmrs-sdk:setup-sdk to apply the new configuration.


I was able to set up and run a server using mysql-via-docker! (I used the automatic mysql 5.6 option; I haven’t tried specifying my own container name yet.)

Have you considered using docker-compose?

Installed our latest Haiti health center software using OpenMRS SDK 3.2.1. This is amazing. Painless and fast. All the more remarkable since I have installed OpenMRS various ways in the past 10+ years and this is by far the easiest. It took less than 20 minutes and that was mostly building the database and waiting. Not sure how you are installing tomcat, but I had struggled in the past with installing with our home-grown SDK on Ubuntu 16.04 and Tomcat7, but it hit some incompatibility problem with java. No problems anymore.

You have saved me hours of time. So grateful to @raff, @mogoodrich, and the team.



And great thanks to the Soldevelo team too!

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Thanks @ball for giving it a try!

We’ve just released a new version 3.3.0, which adds support for docker deployments in production. Please see OpenMRS SDK 3.3.0 released!

I do hope PIH and other implementations will soon start to benefit from that feature as well!