OpenMRS Rest API Creating Coded Concepts

Hi! I have a trouble with an API. I am trying to create concept with an API and everything is ok until i try to add “answers” to my json. At that case server responses me with an error like BaseDelegatingResource:740

This is how my json looks like { “answers”: [{“uuid”:“0a335152-343d-440b-ac42-00deffcfd5a5”},{“uuid”:“49f758e1-4fcf-46e3-b6d9-c2a4f5c3c96b”}], “names”: [{“name”:“Test api 1:”, “locale”:“ru”, “conceptNameType”:“FULLY_SPECIFIED”}], “datatype”:“8d4a48b6-c2cc-11de-8d13-0010c6dffd0f”, “conceptClass”:“8d491e50-c2cc-11de-8d13-0010c6dffd0f” }

And this is what do i get from the server: “message”: “[answers on class org.openmrs.Concept]”, “code”: “”, “detail”: " answers on class org.openmrs.Concept\r\n\tat org.openmr and etc…

What is wrong in my request?

Can you paste the server stack trace or log at

The value of the answers is an array of uuids of the answer concepts which implies the answer concepts must be already existing in the database as opposed to creating them on the fly, below is an example:

{ “answers”: [“uuid-1”,“uuid-2”] }


Did you consider Wyclif"s submission?

Yes! That is right! Thaks!

Yes, it has worked