Openmrs Report Generation Error

When I tried to generate report from Data export management it shows me this error:

N.B: Our server was crashed and I redeployed OpenMRS. Old report based on Old Cohort Query working well. If I change query using cohort builder this problem arise. Another error also happening on Cohort builder. Cohort builder page showing a popup “DWRPatientSetService is not defined”. Query return the count but not list.

cc @mseaton

Solved the problem. After upgrade report compatibility module, in the report export form simple column value automatically added garbage data “$!{fn.getPatientIdentifier('1')}”

I think its a bug of this module. Again rest the column name from dropdown, automatically solved the problem.

Can you create a ticket regarding this bug and describe the procedures to reproduce it such that we can make sure its stable and fixed.Feel free to attach it to this thread