OpenMRS Reference Application stylesheet npm package repository

Hi everyone!

Currently I’m working with @raff developing Concepts OWA, and we want to publish Reference Application UI library package on npm. It will contain css stylesheets, sass files, header, and other components useful in developing UI.

I’ve prepared initial version of openmrs-contrib-refapp-ui-lib. It’s avalaible by npm and bower, too. There already exists openmrs organization account on npm, We think this package should be published by it.

Other concern is name of package - we are really not sure how to name it. If You have any opinions or ideas, we would appreciate Your help.


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I am able to publish using the openmrs user on npm. I suggest we use one of the following names:

  • openmrs-contib-uicommons
  • openmrs-contib-refapp.css
  • openmrs-refapp[.css] (my prefence)

Before we publish I think we should have a proper README. Also, don’t we need to include the dist folder in the repo so that clients don’t have to build the CSS themselves (see bootstrap)?

@pascal we do want to add the dist folder. We were just wondering why some projects add dist only to tagged versions e.g. , but not to master at

Also we envisioned this library to contain (in addition to css) some js code for creating the header part of a ref app page including the breadcrumbs navigation bar so we would rather not mention css in the package name.

I guess some people want to only publish the dist folder for releases and not master?


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Ok, that’s great. I agree README is a must, I will create it.

About dist folder, that’s true, it is already included in published version, see tags.