OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8.0 released!

It’s a moment of joy for the openmrs community as we announce the long awaited OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8.0 release. Its built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.1.3 with several bug fixes and new features included.

Please see the Release Notes for more information. As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report them in our ticket tracking system.

Reference Application 2.8.0 has been a great community effort and I would like to congratulate and raise a toast to all the developers, testers and the contributors for their amazing efforts in making this release possible. Kindly accept my sincere appreciation and maintain the same spirit as we save more lives!!!

Juliet Wamalwa
Release manager


Congratulations @jwnasambu ! Thanks for the good work done. Thanks all for the contributions

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@jwnasambu Well done!!! Thank you for the patience and perseverance to get the release out.

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+1 absolutely @jwnasambu, quite an achievement!

We were in the process of upgrading a forked distribution to be in line with Ref App 2.7, this is now pushing us to do the last mile and be on par with Ref App 2.8 right away (cc @zouchine.)

Thanks for the great work!

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Great news! Thanks to everyone for all their work on this.

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Thanks @jwnasambu for your great effort to release Ref App 2.8.0 and thanks to all contributors who worked to make this better :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jwnasambu for your relentless hard work.

@darius , Guess it’s time to update addons to include a list of the ref 2.8 apps :smile:

@jwnasambu Congs, thanks for the perseverence.

Thank @jwnasambu for getting this out!

On the release notes page, the “Checkout JIRA Issues here” link points to a reference application 2.6 ticket instead of the list that made it into 2.8

The release date is also missing on the release notes page.

Still on the release notes pages, under “Highlights of Reference Application 2.8.0”, you should also include the features listed on the road map

Congrats, thanks @jwnasambu and all the contributors

dkayiwa thanks for pointing out the issues am trying to work on them by still my head is too saturated but i promise to embark on it as soon as possible.

I have created the link pointing out the RefApp 2.8 tickets but still the 2.6 ticket is reflected. How can i solve it i have tried several means all in vain.

@jwnasambu thanks for your leadership in this release. Thanks to the community contributors for all of their engagement.

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@jwnasambu can you check that link again?

Secondly, did you also “7. Release in JIRA” as per the instructions here?

Congs @jwnasambu, great work

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Yes i released on Jira

@jwnasambu are all the tickets in the ACCEPTED state?

No. I have a total of 17 tickets in this release. 10 are in ACCEPTED state, 5 WAITING FOR TEST and 2 in a WAITING FOR SHOWCASE state. What should i do with the 7 which are not in ACCEPTED state?