OpenMRS QA: Learning from Implementer's: IntelliSOFT Consulting_14th Jan 2021

Hello Everyone,

As part of creating a culture of testing within the community, the QA support team will work with different Implementations to share their QA processes and experience. To kick it off, we have IntelliSOFT who will be talking about how they have implemented QA in their development process, tomorrow at 6:30pm IST | 4pm Nairobi | 5pm Cape Town | 1pm UTC | 8am Boston | 5am Seattle.

All are welcome to join. The call will be on zoom on this link:


Really looking forward to this session! Thank you Christine! It will be great to learn from @luciekimotho and welcome our friends at the Ampath QA team to the call as well - @eachillah @rjkeitany and Florida and Robai.

@christine @grace do we have any existing notes for this call or a recording?

Cc @christine

Great question Sharif. Here is the recording: Quality Assurance Team - Indiana University

The things that stood out to me were:

  • We all wanted to learn how to write BDD/Gherkin test cases, since this makes test planning and (eventually) test automation more efficient, with less risk of unclear requirements or duplication (we being the OpenMRS community representatives, the Ampath team representatives, and Lucy/Intellisoft)
  • Intellisoft needs to document quite a lot, because they are consulting for clients and need to be really clear with the client about what areas/types of things they are going to provide oversight for; whereas an in-house team like Ampath may not need to do the same amount/types of documentation
  • All want to see more automation (e.g. integration tests); Intellisoft is just starting to think about a roadmap for this, and we at OpenMRS want to see this happen too.

Anything to add or change @christine @luciekimotho @eachillah @rjkeitany?


Thanks @grace for your clarification

Also: Here is the excellent PPT Lucy shared: IntelliSOFT Quality Assurance - Google Slides


@grace this doc is failing to open at my side