OpenMRS PRs & Merges

If you’re like me, you’re surrounded by notifications from different apps.

I’ve been enjoying using this slack feed we set up that sucks in any PRs or Merges in our OMRS github repos, and I thought others might like it too:




There are cute cards that make it really fast for me to review who is doing what, where, and how many lines were changed, e.g.:


Hope this helps others as well :slight_smile:

CC @dkayiwa @sharif @kdaud @herbert24


I also use this feed to quickly review what’s happening across OMRS Jira, though this one is harder to keep up with: #jira-feed

Awesome framework.Thanks , it seems to be working like dependant bot configured to report referenceapplication distribution merges on ci bamboo. :grinning:. This usually happened our integrations with web.irc

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Thanks @grace for sharing! :slight_smile:

An app worth sharing !! Thanks @grace :seedling: