OpenMRS Platform 2.5 Ideas from Implementations / Squads

Dear community , Squads , Implementations

As you may know the openmrs community routinely does atleast one release of the OpenMRS Platform per year.

The openmrs platform squad would therefore like to gather feedback about issues you would like to see addressed in the forth coming OpenMRS Platform 2.5 version release

It could be in any of , but not limited to the following categories :-

  1. New Features
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Improvements

Give us feedback via any of the following channels

1 . Openmrs talk :

2 . Our squad slack channels

pih @mogoodrich @mseaton @ball

@MekomSolutions @mksd @ruhanga

UgandaEMR @ssmusoke @slubwama

@Intellisoft @wayee

**@AMPATH **, @jdick

@Bahmni @angshuonline

RwandaEMR ,

NigeriaEMR , @ggomez

KenyaEMR ,

Esuade @carina

NepalEMR @suruchi

@OpenSRP @natschja


cc @burke @dkayiwa , @ibacher @grace @jennifer @moshon @corneliouzbett @bistenes @gcliff @sharif @jecihjoy @navareth @insookwa @herbert24 @antoniomacheve @marinachichava @zuzanna

Feel free to append anyone i have left out

Regards Tendo


OHRI @alaboso @eudson @samuel34


KenyaEMR @aojwang, @patryllus

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SIGDEP2 @jamani RwandaEMR @tanderson

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@ssmusoke , @moshon , @jennifer thanks for the adds , is there a chance that we could drop them direct emails as well ?

This issue: Upgrade mysql-connector to at least v8.0.23 for platform 2.4.0 seems to be affecting quite a few implementations trying to move to 2.4.0