OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 Ready for Testing

Hello Community ,

As we continue with the release process of the OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0 , I would like to let all know that platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 build is now ready for e2e Testing ,especially the release features where possible .

I would like to therefore call upon volunteers , Implementations , distributions , squads and other parties to lend us a hand in testing out testing these features.

Platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 can be found at (No UI / Refapp Modules)


Something special , we have the latest Refapp version (2.12.0) spinning on platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 at

or download it from Sourceforge

Key features to checkout include :

FYI @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @anthony @ruhanga @omondi @ssmusoke @pih @ampath @MekomSolutions @grace @bistenes @angshuonline

@miirochristopher @herbert24 @kdaud @jwnasambu @irenyak1 @gracebish @sharif @christine @mherman22

@devnull @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

We may use this spreadsheet for the results

Best regards


unfortunately am not able to access the spreadsheet. i have sent the request. kindly approve

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Why is this one 2.5.0-alpha while the other one is 2.5.0-alpha.3?

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@mherman22 access granted

Thanks for proof reading , rectified.

Tagging @jayasanka , @anjisvj , @pasindur2

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Update: We will try to add Platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 to the 3.1 Distro release. I have already made a PR to update the 3.x file; before we merge this (and trigger this to go into the 3.x dev environment) I just need to confirm the plan with the 3.x squad.

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Update v 2: We have successfully added Platform 2.5.0-alpha.3 to the existing 3.x environment. I will try to test this a bit later today.

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Thanks @grace .Will anxiously wait for your feedback,

Hello All here , as we wrap up the testing phase for 2.5.0-alpha.3 if anyone wants to test out things you may explore the REST Administration work(Though already tested ) by the controllers and the GSOC student , and other areas of choice.

FYI @moshon i think these are ad-hoc test cases which you could verily give a try (GSoC 2021: The REST of Administration - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki)