Openmrs platform 2.4.0: What features would you love to see in the upcoming release

Hello folks;

Am glad to announce the upcoming platform release 2.4.0 :smile: which has already kicked off

This is going to be be an exciting platform release with some cool features and great core libraries upgrades as seen here

However there is some work under the hood being done to make all this happen successfully and i would like ti invite volunteers interested in improving their dev levels and acquiring more experience to work on a couple of tickets

Implementers and other devs can use this thread to voice out what they would love to see or new features in this upcoming platform release .

@mogoodrich @ssmusoke @mksd @grace @jennifer


And in case of any existing ticket that you think could be added to those above,it can be dropped here

@gcliff will any of these be backported to the 2.3.x branch

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yes these changes can be backported with help from @dkayiwa

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@gcliff can be or will be?

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can be under certain circumstances because the main aim is to have these in the coming release