OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0-beta released for testing

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Yes @dkayiwa, sorry I’ve had some internet connection issues. I need to join the OpenMRS org to do this. My user name on source forge is ruhanga. May you add me to the openmrs org to accomplish this @dkayiwa

Did you follow the release process instructions on how to get there?

Yes I did. I could be missing out on how this can be re-done. Redoing the whole release process re-releases even to maven. Am I safe to re-release from bamboo the same artifacts :slight_smile:?

I mean requesting access to sourceforge

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Ok, thanks. I’m reaching out to @helpdesk for this.

@ruhanga Were you able to sort the issue out? Great work so far !

@wyclif the release has been made with reference to your question here Platform 2.3 Beta Release

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I’m still getting all the artifacts uploaded to sourceforge and pretty much there and now left with the platform stand-alone. I’m having some bandwidth issue that I’m getting resolved.

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A day ago, all the packages were uploaded to sourceforge and so OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0-beta is now downloadable in its stand-alone and and war packages.

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Congrats and many thanks ! @ruhanga

Hi all, I would like to know whether it’s now all okay with getting the Final release of Platform 2.3.0 out. A few commits improving the platform code base have been merged with in the past 2 weeks, thanks to @wyclif and community devs who have added these developments to the 2.3.x series of the platform.

cc: @mogoodrich, @dkayiwa, @mksd, @c.antwi, @k.joseph

@ruhanga has there been any testing of plaform 2.3.0-beta?

Hi @dkayiwa, I have tested the platform 2.3.0-beta and invited the community and implementations to test this version in this thread. I’m therefore seeking feedback so if there be any issues, these get resolved ASAP before we can have the full release out.

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Did you, or any one else, try to test the reference application running on platform 2.3.0-beta?

Yes, I have tested with the reference application 2.10.0. It runs okay though I have not exhaustively tested every feature.

@ruhanga which features have you not tested so i begin with those ?

@dkayiwa any uat server available ?

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Hi @tendomart, thank you for expressing interest in this. It’s very okay that you may still test with all the features as well to confirm everything works fine the same way with every one testing. Here are a couple features that can potentially be tested .

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Are you using a UAT Server ?

It’s easier building your own local reference application distro and running it to test.

Great thanks .

Looks like I have a memory leak issue when I run the platform series 2.3.x with the Reference application 2.10.0. I am using Windows 10, and Apache Tomcat/7.0.92. I occasionally get the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded.