OpenMRS Platform 2.2 Ticket Follow up

Hi !
I would like to assure the community the around 70% of the work is done on platform 2.2 :smile:
Although its not my ‘must do task’ , I feel its worth doing to make platform 2.2 better and robust as expected with lots of new features and bug fixes. As you can see at the Road map, there a bunch of tickets bundled in the release. For those that are fixed, credit deserves the community. Most of the tickets are under status “code review” and “in-progress”. Currently, there are 4 tickets are under “Ready for work” ie. IDGEN-42,TRUNK-4755,TRUNK-5342 and TRUNK-5345. I’m pretty sure there many devs around that could help out with working on the above issues.
Not forgetting the @Andela team and @dkayiwa and the rest of the community for the current work done, Thank you guys and keep the candle burning :smile:
I’m looking forward and the rest of the community to make platform 2.2 better :wink:
Best Regards
Samuel Male


Hi Community!
As for making openmrs-platform better, robust and cleaner. We prioritized a number of tickets to be bundled in the 2.2 platform release. Currently most of the work has been done and we currently have 5 tickets with status “Ready for work” which are listed below. I would like to invoke the entire community for your tech support on claiming and working on these.


Hi all,

On addition to the above, we also have the issues below under status “Ready for work”.

We also have lots of issues under “code review”. Some of them look like they can be closed. I just need the community’s attention here.

In case anyone feels concerned, please review the above tickets and see them getting closed.
cc: @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @darius,@wyclif etc…

Hi all,

I’m excited to inform you that a lot of work has(is) been(being) done behind the hood by the community. Just a reminder we have only two tickets that are worrying me :blush:

Could any one(could be new to the community) try to tackle this? It could keep us moving.


Samuel Male

Hello @samuel34 thanks for the good work done so far. Please I request that you ping some people you know are in position to work on these two tickets so that we can move forward. Some may not have read this post.

Thanks again

@dkayiwa had promised to inform me of some better strategies on how to handle this.

I don’t how I forgot to remind him :smile:

@samuel34 please ping him I believe he can give us the strategies and not him alone but also the other devs. I hope you remember this time :slight_smile: