Openmrs platform 2.0.7 release impending


We had a missing platform(2.0.7) in the platform 2.0.x series. This is essential for modules like I’m glad to announce that it’s release is just next door :wink:

I just wanna be sure of the expected platform modules to this release and their versions.

cc: @dkayiwa

  • REST Web Services v2.23.0
  • OWA v1.10.0
  • FHIR v1.15.0

Just created release notes : however, this is not the true latest platform release. It’s it was just missed and we made the release to make other releases possible. Is it really required to update these pages with “The latest platform release is 2.0.7?”

Won’t it be misleading @dkayiwa

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This is definitely not the latest platform release. And it also was not missed. :slight_smile: It is just a normal maintenance release. Can you point us to where you were instructed to do so? Even for maintenance releases of earlier release lines?