OpenMRS Platform 2.0.0-beta released


I’m glad to announce that Platform 2.0.0-beta has been released. This brings us a step closer to Platform 2.0.0 final release, the first major release in the 2.x family that boasts of the latest tech stack and lays foundations for a REST’ful architecture besides removal of over a decade of deprecated code. :slight_smile:

We have implemented all of the milestones (listed in the Technical Roadmap) planned for this release and are now focusing on the next big task i.e. to test them. You can read more about these milestones on the Release Notes wiki page and hopefully that gets you pumped up for giving it a go. Here’s the downloads page.

Besides the offline methods, we will also be hosting Reference Application on Platform 2.0.0-beta and deploy it on If you want to be notified about when that happens, please fill out this form

As always, we would highly appreciate your help with testing this release. Please feel free to report any bugs/ feature requests/ feedback/ suggestions by creating Talk posts/ JIRA Issues/ pinging us on the IRC.

A big thanks to our amazing developers and the community members whose time and efforts have been crucial to make this release possible!

In the coming days, you can keep up with action related to Platform 2.0.0 via Talk, or pinging @maany @wyclif @dkayiwa @raff on the IRC.


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