OpenMRS patient Matching Module

Trying to run OpenMRS patient Matching Module for testing purpose. When i run its java main file through command prompt it gives me a count of 69 Errors. Attached is the screenshot of some of its errors.

Hi @workaholic, we were able to install patient matching module on top of our current Bahmni version last week. We were able to run the standalone installation as well as the patient matching module from the Open MRS Admin screen. Please look at the screenshots below. The steps we followed were:

  1. downloaded the patient module code from git and placed it inside the bahmni core folder
  2. did maven clean build/install of the bahmni core apps
  3. Stopped Open MRS service
  4. Deployed the OMOD
  5. Restarted the Open MRS service.

Hi karrtikiyer , Hope you are good. I have run this module successfully. Just let me know some things : 1- File Data Source : File text should be in what format.? Can you please provide me some sample files.

Thank You.

Thanks for the reply

Hi @workaholic, before we discuss the file data source for the standalone application part, can we discuss what we want to achieve with this module? Do you want to run a report on the Open MRS Database to identify or match patients with some criteria? If so, this can be done directly within Open MRS, please see below. (see the section patient Matching Module, in that you can click on Create report, in which we can define the matching criteria and run report against that criteria).

Thanks for contributing… Can you please tell me where to find this screen? i mean its url?

And Actually I am working on its standalone application to build it in accordance with my requirements in C# that is why I got a confusion what data file format are you using. because right away I’m testing the applications’s functionality.


No problem, you are welcome. In my case, for my local installation on my vagrant box, the URL is:

amm but its not working for me… :frowning2:

don’t you have any sample file?

Give me sometime, I shall check and let you know, currently held up in a series of meeting.

sure no problem… :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, as per the documentation given at PPM, we should be able to give a simple pipe character ("|") delimited file and it should work, you can say configure datasource A and select that file. However it didn’t work for me, so I am going to spend some more time later this week to figure it out. Below is the file that gave as data source A, and said it has a header row. id|Name|Age 1|ABC|64 2|DEF|56 3|XYZ|34

No problem :slight_smile: I just put the data you provided to me in a text file. and when i choose it as a data source A. It shows nothing. it didn’t work for me either.