OpenMRS Password Reset UI : GSOC 2019 Midterm Presentation

Here is my Mid term presentation for my project, OpenMRS Password Reset User Interface. I apologize for going 1 minute above the stipulated time allocation :sweat_smile:

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Well done @ryan97 Keep up the good work.


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Great work @ryan97

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Thanks for your contribution, @ryan97! I assume when you speak of adding user email support, you mean adding the ability to add/update/remove an email address via the REST API and then implementing it in the web pages. Having that can be read & managed via REST would be terrific. If you get to it, don’t forget to include a privilege (i.e., users should need to have a new privilege in order to see email addresses for anyone but themselves).

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Hi @burke, I honestly had no intention of adding a dedicated rest endpoint to handle just user emails. What I planned to do was just add a user field to the manageAccounts/accounts page in reference application and make it a required field such that each time a user is being created, it’s email would be part of the user object that is saved. This would also allow the possibility to edit the email for that user when we hit the edit user button. But I’d look into your suggestion all the same. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you @gcliff @spkabugo1 and @harisu

Much of OpenMRS development going forward will be using javascript client libraries (e.g., React or Angular) and not using legacy JSP/GSP pages. So, unless/until the email is accessible through the User REST resource, it will limit usage. It doesn’t look like this was an objective for your project, so perhaps your mentor planned to address it later. In any case, this is a great step forward!

Thank you @burke, For pointing out this. Though it wasn’t part of the plan just yet, we will very much consider it.