Website Homepage New Design

I redesigned the homepage to make it look simpler, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. I included dynamic elements like Maps, YouTube Video frame etc. and of course, made it responsive the window size. Check it out!!


good work @tixpro but you forget that notch which shows talk and issues etc at top

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Thanks. I deliberately did that because A. It degraded the quality of design and minimalistic aspect of the webpage and B. It wasn’t needed because all those links are given in the drop-downs of the navbar and the footer.

Ok great work can we share our all work on talk like this

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Yes we should, it gets the attention of OpenMRS employees as well as mentors

ok I will also do that

Good work @tixpro, but consider posting it after the contest ends. I think its not okay to post your work while contest is on :smile:

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Nice. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, agreed, but well since it is out of instances, I don’t think there would be any problem. Also even if more instances will be added, the mentors will know if someone has copied some work.

Amazing redesign @tixpro ! @dkayiwa what do think of this? Does OpenMRS allow contributions to ?


Thank you, fawwaz, I hope they do.

I don’t think so, as We fully depends on WordPress template for OpenMRS Content management.

Good work @tixpro , But we strongly advise you to express your work to the community after the contest end. We will be requesting you to write a document / blog about your works during the Google Code-in period.

As many of your colleges are working on the same tasks, Keep it in your box and show it as one thread at the end of the contest :smiley:.


great. I like to contribute it

cc @grace @jennifer

Hey, maybe would you like to take a look at this project?

Feel free to contact me in DM if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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