OpenMRS on Docker installed with Digital Ocean

Trying to install OpenMRS on Ubuntu Docker 1.5.0 on 14.04

I have referred to the following article:

Unfortunately I have got to the OpenMRS Installation Stage but struggling to finalizing the installation. Would appreciate further documentation on getting it up and running on Digital Ocean. Would be more than happy to try and contribute for the topic article.

I updated the Installing OpenMRS on Docker documentation to include more information, including how to use Digital Ocean. Hopefully that will help.

When I tried it, I got OpenMRS running on a Digital Ocean droplet pretty easily, but OpenMRS seemed to die during the database upgrade step. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot further.



@cshah would you mind helping us here? :smile:

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FYI – I have forked @cshah’s great work and tweaked it to get it working via burke/openmrs-core-docker.


@cshah you should totally still help out if needed :heart:

Great work :burke: @burke