openmrs on another database

hi all

can i setup openmrs on oracle server instead of mysql?


In the past, we have had some work to make sure all is well on postgresql (since it is closest to oracle). But of late, am not aware of anyone testing it out. My recommendation is that you go ahead and try, and then report back any errors that you will encounter.

at the database layer, there is a column named “comment” which is a deserved word in oracle!!!

so if i would go a head, i have to update all layers for this. the database design is made for just mysql !!!

When we started OpenMRS, we created a list of SQL Reserved Words and consulted it to ensure we didn’t use any reserved words. comment is in that list, so should never have been used. In fact, that’s why we’ve used the plural form (comments) when we have comments attributes.

What table has the comment reserved word as an attribute? We should create a ticket in the corresponding module to fix it.

i have tried to install the openmrs db on oracle so installed: whuch is a dump file of openmrs from and a tool to generate sql scripts from db1 to db2, to generate script for oracle, but in table ‘allergy’ there is a ‘comment’ attribute.

thats it…

Ah. So, either when the allergies module was created or when that code was pulled into core, we failed to catch the reserved word or follow our convention of using the plural form “comments” and allowed a SQL Reserved Word to be used as an allergy table attribute.

FYI @darius, @wyclif

@mhnd would you like to create a ticket to have this fixed?

hi @dkayiwa.

i needed openmrs, just for radiology module to use it as RIS with pacs archive.

when i finish my system, i will go back to this.

A ticket was created at