OpenMRS OCL Client Sprint 5 Announcement

Hi everyone,

This is the official announcement for OpenMRS OCL client sprint 5. In this sprint, we would be implementing feedback received from sprint 4 demo and we also hope to complete all the features outlined on our JIRA board for this sprint.

Start Date: 10-07-2018

End Date: 24-07-2018


Team Lead: Daniel Kayiwa (@dkayiwa )

Development team

Emmanuel Ndukwe (@emasys )

Kyampeire Hadijah (@hadijah315 )

Shakira Ndagire Seruwagi (@shakira210791 )

Christopher Kalule (@christopherkala )

cc @darius

Hi everyone,

This is to inform you we will be having a sprint planning call later today at 3 pm (GMT +1). The link to the call will be updated 30 minutes before the aforementioned time.

cc @darius, @dkayiwa

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Hi everyone, if you would like to join the sprint planning meeting use the link below:

cc @darius, @dkayiwa, @shakira210791, @hadijah315, @christopherkala

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