OpenMRS OCL Client Sprint 14 Announcement

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that we will start the 14th sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS. The sprint will last for 14 days. In this sprint, we will focus on closing open tickets and implementing feedback with the aim of having the MVP released.

Below are the details about this sprint:

Start date : 21st January 2019

End date : 7th February 2019

Jira Board :

Github repository :

Wiki page :

Team Lead : Daniel Kayiwa( @dkayiwa )

Development team

CC: @darius @akanter

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The board does seems to be pointing to the past sprint. Also the sprint wiki page is not correct.

The wiki link is fixed. Having challenges setting up the board. Will be ready before the Sprint Planning call

the board for sprint 14 is ready

Any reason why the board does not have ready for work tickets?

Most of the MVP features have been implemented. As gathered from our last demo, @darius will be reaching out to users to test again and give feedback. We are also awaiting feedback from last demo, and in the main time will be testing the application for bugs, and minor enhancements and fixing those.