OpenMRS O3 Offline Mode

OpenMRS offline mode update


Tendayi Mutangadura is my name, and I’m a product management fellow at OpenMRS, working closely with my mentor, Grace Potma. In this post, I will inform and educate the OpenMRS community about the new O3 Offline Mode. I have been collaborating with the Mekom team on this project and helping with QA activities and bug tracking.

Offline mode summary

Offline data collection refers to data that is collected in environments with slow or no internet connectivity. This project aims to support offline mode for the scenario of an outreach worker leaving a clinic or health centre going to remote sites where there is no internet accessibility. It enables the health worker to collect patient information offline using a tablet or mobile phone, which will be synced back to the main server when online.

Demo Video of Offline Mode MVP:

Important things while collecting patient data offline:

  • Users need to successfully log into OpenMRS while online before they select offline mode and go for an outreach exercise
  • Users need to understand when they are offline in the EMR
  • Device storage space is very limited since users will be using a mobile device
  • The data needs to sync with the main server at some time

Offline mode features:

After a successful login into OpenMRS, select Offline Tools:

The Offline Offline home screen shows the following screen with widgets as follows:

Forms – is for viewing the forms available offline

Patients- this is for showing the offline patients available

Offline actions—this is viewing the actions or records pending sync with the main server when online.

Search – this is for searching a patient from the list

User Workflow while Offline

Users are able to perform the following:

  • Login
  • Add patients to the Offline LList
  • Visit the Offline home
  • View Offline patients
  • View & Complete & Complete Forms
  • View a slimmed-down version of the patient chart while offline
  • View upload offline actions (success)
  • See success or failure ofView uploading offline actions (fail), as shown below:

Workflow Demo video link: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Important Links

The following are important link to know more about the offline mode.

Designs: Public version here. (If you already have a Zeplin account with OpenMRS, you can see the more detailed designs here.)

Technical Documentation & Design: OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers

Jira Epic: O3-538 - Offline Mode (for CHWs) v1 IN PROGRESS

Repo: openmrs-esm-core/packages/apps/esm-offline-tools-app at master · openmrs/openmrs-esm-core · GitHub

Talk Thread: about the potential of this work to help with clinic offline mode - see here.

Project status and scope

The project does not provide offline collaboration like the synchronization google docs does. The scope of this project is limited. The offline mode functionality is not a redesign of the EMR and the look and feel is still the same.

Users are given the opportunity to directly interact with the offline mode functionalities of the EMR during user acceptance testing, which the Mekom team is now busy conducting with ICRC. The functionality is rigorously evaluated during this crucial activity before receiving go-live approval. After the UAT, feedback will be collected, and any additional offline mode improvements will be made before the production launch.


This post and 3 minute video was excellent. Important work and news. Thank you @tendayi.mutangadura and MEKOM!