OpenMRS not updating OpenELIS or OpenERP

Hello, OpenMRS is not updating OpenELIS or OpenERP. I watched the wiki demo for the ATOM feed and attempted a few of the troubleshooting tasks but still is not working. I then checked the ATOM feed module and realized I am receiving this error.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you in advance! Denise


Are you logged in when you try to view that page?

Hi Denise, is showing error for me too but atomfeed service is working in my local. We can check if the atomfeed events is up or not by checking can be taken from Markers table of ELIS/ERP. Have you tried troubleshooting from this Bahmni WIKI? Can you check if any rows in failing events table?

Hello @swathivarkala and @wyclif! Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the same issue. Everything is saving in OpenMRS but not being picked up by the other two systems. Yes, I have watched the Bahmni WIKI video and walked through the link above.

The service is started and other screen shots:

I have deleted the row in the markers table also. Unfortunately, nothing has helped.

Do you have any other thoughts?

The atom feed module consumes events fired from the events module, you might to make sure you’re running the most recent versions of each. The problem is that the events module gets changes here and there sometimes which I don’t think is the case for the atom feed module so it might be lagging behind, one might need to debug it maybe and see what’s going on.

What did you save ? patient or orders ?

Yes, created new patient and ordered labs as well as pharmacy.

Which version of bahmni are you using ?

0.85 the latest one.

I’m really stuck here. would you recommend a different version @sravanthi17?

No, you don’t need to… Please check if there are any failed events recorded in ELIS ?

If you dont have any, please follow the below steps

sudo service bahmni-lab stop

Login to clinlims database delete from markers; logout of the database

sudo service bahmni-lab restart


Wonderful so that did the trick for the lab…I’m guessing doing the same thingredients for OpenERP will fix issue for prescriptions/patients not showing up in OpenERP? Im guessing i just need Name of database?

Thank you so much.

Sudo service bahmni-erp-connect stop Login to openerp database Delete the markers Sudo service bahmni-erp-connect start

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Awesome! Thank you so much @sravanthi17! You always get me through!