OpenMRS needs you! Call for volunteers!!!

Hi everyone,

The OpenMRS community is currently ramping up preparations for a number of events including the 2016 OpenMRS Summit, the Uganda Implementers Forum and other potential Implementer meetings. We are looking for volunteers to help support these events. There are various roles and tasks needed to plan and pull off events such as these, so we’d like to invite anyone who’s interested in playing the following roles to contact @terry and @jthomas via Talk private message by the 8th July. Thank you for your interest, your time and your dedication to making OpenMRS a success!

Please include the post that you’re applying for as the title of your response to @jthomas and @terry.

Manager, OpenMRS Global Events

This volunteer leadership role is responsible for the overall planning and operation of OpenMRS Community “in person” events throughout the world. There are currently 3 types of these meetings: (a) OpenMRS Worldwide Summit annual gathering in Singapore, (b) the OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat in the USA, and © the OpenMRS Implementers Meeting. The Worldwide Summit and OpenMRS Camp are events funded by OpenMRS Inc. and coordinated directly by the community. Implementers Meetings are hosted and mostly planned by an OpenMRS implementer.

This role involves working with the community to ensure that our various events are successful. It also requires coordinating with other OpenMRS leaders to organize the annual leadership retreat and its content, as well as supporting implementers who wish to host Implementers meetings. This leader will be encouraged to recruit & maintain several volunteers to assist them, particularly in planning the Worldwide Summit. The person in this leadership role will be responsible for all or some of the following tasks ( depending upon the other volunteers):

  • Coordinate OpenMRS global events team members
  • Coordinate the OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat
  • Serve as OpenMRS Community Liaison for Global Implementers Meetings

Program Chair, Worldwide Summit

The Program Chair of the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit is responsible for technical content development for the community’s annual gathering of contributors. This role involves working and coordinating with the various members of the Worldwide Summit team as well as the Manager of OpenMRS Global Events. In addition, the volunteer in this role is responsible for ensuring the relevance & value of the technical content presented at Summit and that its sessions are meeting the needs of attendees.

The volunteer leader in this role should have excellent communication, time management, & project management skills. They should also have deep familiarity with the OpenMRS Community, its contributors, its goals, as well as an understanding of general technology and Health IT trends.

Logistics Lead, Worldwide Summit

The Logistics Lead is responsible for operations of the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit annual community gathering. This role serves as the event’s executive producer, vendor manager, and operations coordinator. They will work far in advance to coordinate venues, transportation & accommodation providers, supplies, services, and event vendors. The primary goal of this volunteer leader is pulling off an event that is “seamless” from the perspective of attendees. They should be highly organized and be willing to be assertive to ensure deadlines and target dates are consistently met.

Media Lead, Worldwide Summit

The OpenMRS Worldwide Summit Media Lead is a volunteer leader responsible for communicating before, during, and after our community’s annual global gathering. They will handle publicity of the event with 3rd parties such as press and partner organizations, respond to sponsorship inquiries, as well as prepare and distribute information for potential and registered attendees. During the event, they will monitor for attendee feedback and work with the Global Events team members to respond to issues. After the event, they will follow up with attendees to solicit feedback to improve the event.

This person should have strong experience managing social media. They must have excellent communication skills and exceptional patience, as well as be very familiar with the goals and work of the OpenMRS Community generally.

Special Events Lead, Worldwide Summit

In addition to technical content, the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit is a unique opportunity for community members to come together and spend time with each other. The Special Events Lead will be responsible for planning and coordinating all optional “after hours” events as well as events before or after the Summit. These events may be networking opportunities, additional chances for learning, or just plain fun.

The person in this role should have some experience with event planning and a strong attention to detail. It’s also helpful if they are familiar with tourism, travel, and particularly with things to do in and around Singapore.


If OMRS16 is to happen, and if people want it bad enough, step up and help organize it.


@Surangak, for each of the volunteer role, are there previous documents to guide volunteers? I could volunteer as Logistics Lead.

@jaghatise, To be honest, Some roles have more documentation than others - and some have less. On the other hand, you wont be left totally helpless - we have folks who have done this before who are willing to guide you’all to succeed :slight_smile:

A lot of it is handling logistics. We all learned on our feet to get where we are today. Feel free to lean on the community.


Are the Volunteer roles still available? Please advise.

I’m new on OpenMRS - am a Programmer.


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@zakia, what sort of thing are you looking to do? There are always volunteer roles available at OpenMRS. And of course we always welcome contributions to the OpenMRS platform and modules.

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