OpenMRS Navigation to Form Entry without Legacy IU

Hi everyone. I am used to old openmrs with Legacy UI I want to get a better understanding of the new version of openmrs user interface. For with new openmrs 2.3.2 how do i get from selecting a patient to Form entry where I can select designed forms without going to administration page?

I am asking this to get a better understanding of how a user without Administrator privileges can get to forms for data entry.

There’s some documentation on the Wiki that talks about how to get to those forms in the RefApp itself, but basically the forms are accessible either as their own app on the main page or by clicking on an active visit (the “29.Mar.2021”) in your screen shot.

Thank you for the information. I have read the documentation on the wiki page but from my openmrs I do not have the option of adding forms as I see on Manage forms on documentation page. And I already have the custom forms but I can only see them on Administration page of Legacyiu. See the images bellow