OpenMRS modules startup

Hello my modules never start up every time i restart the server. So i have to go back to Administration and start all modules. Kindly What might be the issue?

@faithchepkoech oh sorry! kindly is it okay you shade more light on what you are doing and which instance you are using?

@jwnasambu am running OpenMRS 2.x

Am building a module so I had to setup my local instance of version 18.1.2 so that I can test the changes I’ve made ,but my modules don’t start up automatically

Kindly is it okay you state some steps you followed to upload the module on your local server?

Sudo cp -r modules directory . Chown to tomcat:tomcat ~modules directory chmod 755 *.omod

Faith, I really like your zeal keep going you will be there soon! Kindly do you mind following this guide OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki for this task? (Kindly follow every step from the begining). Just incase you get stack, feel free to reach out.

okay thanks