OpenMRS modules cross platform compatibility

Greetings to you the great community has any one done some work on making old modules compatible to newer versions of OpenMRS most especially the medical problems module, diabetes management module, simple lab entry module. i find these to be so much crucial, but when installed they either don’t start or crash OpenMRS how do i go about this in order to use these modules on my OpenMRS installation

thank so much

@hillarym can this be of help on how modules can support different versions of openmrs Supporting different OpenMRS versions - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Different module versions are built to support different openmrs versions, if the modules in question don’t run on your installed platform and the error thrown is that you need those module upgraded to run on your platform version or downgrade the platform

thank you @gcliff and @k.joseph for you replies is there any improved guide with screen shot and detailed steps on how to edit the code to and have the modules compatible

not really much except for these few resources which can be of help,

It depends on which modules you are interested in and your technical expertise!

@hillarym am not aware of the screenshots bit but in addition to what @k.joseph has listed you can also look into these links

Also you can always share your progress on this here and the community members will always help & guide incase your blocked