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Last Build: 2023-06-05 18:43 Version: 2.6.1 Build 0b8ae6

Questions I Have About Modules That Could Be Added to the Current System:

  1. Billing (Finance) - Is there a module that allows us to attach pricing per visit, enabling us to generate reports and create dashboards based on this data?
  2. Trials / Visits - Is there a Trial Module that allows the creation of Studies/Trials on the platform and the tracking of patient journeys from start to end, including Telescreen, Screening, and Randomization?
  3. Enterprise Reporting / Multi-site - How can we achieve a multi-site enterprise system and obtain an overview across all global sites for reporting and dashboard purposes?
  4. Timelines for Events (Feasibility, SIV, etc.) - Is there a tracking system that allows the setting of milestones and timelines for events such as Feasibility, SIV, and others, with associated dates for when they are signed, completed, and so on?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could direct me to the right source or provide this information.

Thank you in advance.

From the OpenMRS distributions listed here: OpenMRS Distributions - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki the generic and closest to what you are asking are Ozone and Bahmni.


Thanks for the response,

I really dont want to be installing 2-3 different versions to get 1 solution.

Is there a way to pick and choose modules and load them into the standard version?

We do not have modules for some of the things like billing and others. So what Ozone and Bahmni distributions do is integrate with other systems that specialise in that functionality.

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If i was to get a developer for this project, what would i need to look for?


It depends on what exactly you want this developer to do. Is it to support your installation of the Ozone or Bahmni distribution? Or to develop modules for the functionalities of external systems that Ozone or Bahmni are integrating with?

Id like someone who is able to understand my requirements and build on the base level. This would be the prefered option given that from what you suggested these modules do not exist.

I have not tried Ozone , Bahmni so i can not comment. I did try Ozone as a demo system but could not distinguish the differences apart from some intergrations to things like reports, lab system.

Would it be possible to have a call with you maybe you can help?

You could post to the Job board and state they key responsibilities: Job Board - OpenMRS Talk

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