openmrs-module-initializer is not working while adding program workflow.

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I’m using for making configuration in Bahmni.


My aim is to change options inside program state dropdown which are program workflows states. But while when I’m using csv to add above changes it’s not working. Also, I have to change the label for the same dropdown but I do not see the functionality for it.


Hi @prashantsable1991,

We just added support to program workflows, literally in the past few days, and are about to make the commit for program workflow states. Are you sure that you are using the very latest snapshot of Iniz?

Loading program workflows is being QA’d right now by @samuel34. If you confirm that you are using the latest snapshot, please share more details here as to what you experience. Best would be to look at the logs closely, or perhaps can you share your CSVs on

Oh, I see that you’re talking about workflow states. That’s coming, the pull request is being worked on for it see here:

I have posted the workflows and programs csv for that on and The program concepts and outcomes are working but workflow is not working. Also do not received any errors. Except warning’s multiple concept with same name.

You need to provide us with at least two links:

  1. One for the programs.
  2. One for the workflows.

Most likely you will also have to provide us with a CSV for the concepts that you have used behind both of the above for us to troubleshoot anything.

P.S. You just gave us back the link to hastebin’s portal.

I have provided 2 links above and please tell me how to change program labels?

Do all those concepts exist on the instance where you attempted to load those CSVs?

  • AIDS Program
  • AIDS Program Outcomes
  • Extended Discharge (workflow)

Those would presumably be their concept names in locale ‘en’.

Please dig into the OpenMRS log as well, if a CSV line can’t be processed a message with be logged.

The labels are driven by the underlying defining concepts, did you read this page?

Oh may I’m not clear at that time. Please refer below image: COM-172(2)

Stages are in fact saved as program attributes within Bahmni. Iniz should probably support all attributes and attribute types generically, but it doesn’t yet. This would require some design thinking.

Note that you can always load any Core entities through MDS packages, then loaded by Iniz. That’s the usual workaround for domains that are not yet explicitly implemented.

Firstly I have created the below concepts:

  1. AIDS Program
  2. AIDS Program Outcomes
  3. Extended Discharge (workflow)

Then I added the two csv’s in respected folder’s:

Please refer below openmrs log:

But it’s not present to export program attribute type in MDS package. So I go for openmrs module initliazer.

This is a very small part of the log that doesn’t show anything logged by Iniz.

Anyway note that at this point you will be able to load with Iniz programs, workflows and states, but not stages.

Have you got any capacity on your end to start working on expanding Iniz to handle program attributes and program attribute types?