openmrs-module-htmlformentry 4.2.0


I would like to propose if possible the release of openmrs-module-htmlformentry version 4.2.0.

On of the issues solved by this version is changing the tag mark a patient as deceased to optional

Let me me know your thoughts on it, or if you have any objections.

Makes sense to me @icrc.thonorio . Happy to do this release, but I’d like to get this ticket included / PR merged in prior to release:

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Hi @mseaton

Has everything related to the ticket mentioned already been included?

If so, could we do the release?

@icrc.thonorio I have the release queued in Bamboo. Bamboo seems help up at the moment due to some really slow and long-running platform builds.

@dkayiwa / @burke / @ibacher - can we look at these platform builds in Bamboo and assess whether they are all of value and if we can find any want to speed them up or not make them such bottlenecks to other builds? OpenMRS Platform: Project summary - OpenMRS Bamboo

I would be happy with having only the latest two. That is, one for the master branch of the platform and the previous release.

@icrc.thonorio - release is done.

@dkayiwa - worth looking at where the time is spent. I get the sense of lot of time is in the build standalone stage which seems like more cost than it is worth.

Makes a lot of sense. I have just disabled the Build Standalone job for all those builds. Let us see how that goes.