OpenMRS Management/LT calls

In the management group/LT, we’ve been talking about whether the current timing of the calls prevents representation from all of the different timezones around the world that community members live in. Right now, the call is scheduled on Thursdays, at 1700 UTC, which looks like this around the world. It pretty much leaves anyone from the far east out of a reasonable hour for participation.

There are a couple of different ways to approach this -

  1. Change the time of the call to earlier
  2. Hold two different calls to get input from multiple management teams, then determine a way to integrate that into a decision making process for managing the organization

But before we decide that, it would be great to have a better understanding of whether there are folks from those eastern timezones that would actually be interested in participating in the weekly management of the organization. Would love to hear some thoughts from folks, including those participating in the current management call, those who don’t but could, and those who would like to but can’t because of time or other reasons. Maybe it’s helpful just to hear feedback on the various reason folks don’t participate, whether timezone or another reason? Is the timing conflict with work or family life, etc?