OpenMRS Management (Deployment, Update, Upgrade) Using Metadata Tools

Session Title: OpenMRS Management (Deployment, Update, Upgrade) Using Metadata Tools

Session Type: Short Unconference Session (small room group discussion, 50 minutes)

Description: The default installation of OpenMRS is a blank slate, however to get it up and running there is a need to install modules, concepts, encounters, users, reports etc. Currently this is done using SQL scripts (not version controllable) and custom classes based on the metadata deploy tools (Reference Application and PIH) do this. However I am thinking that probably this could be standard way of providing external configuration of meta-data to a new installation, and also a way of providing upgrades (via XML files et al).

I would like to hear experiences with this approach and experiences with using meta-data deployment and sharing tools.

Suggested By: Stephen S. Musoke

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Thanks for this great session idea! Unfortunately, we have already done the initial OMRS15 session scheduling. However, we have intentionally left some open spaces to be claimed at the opening session on Thursday morning. We’d encourage you to consider one of the open time slots and schedule your session at that time. Thanks!