OpenMRS Leadership Team Call 2017-05-18

Hi Everyone,

We have a leadership call scheduled for this Thursday, 18 May @ 4pm UTC (12pm ET). If you are a community leader, you are encouraged to attend and share in the discussion! If you normally attend but are unable to this week please let me know. Also if there are any additional topics or updates you would like to see on this agenda or a future agenda please let me know!

To join the call by phone, please dial 1-888-510-4073. To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:



  • Tech update


Parking Lot

  • Making money for OpenMRS (Followup) (previous notes:


  • need to figure out how to do this

  • next steps- develop some business models

  • few different models to explore what we could offer

  • principle of agreeing to do things that do not hurt any other member of our community

  • Budget/Expenses- pending from Theresa P

  • OSL Support

  • BoD Membership Update- Paul

Recurrent Topics

Monthly Items

  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday

  • Partnerships - third Thursday

Quarterly Update

  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)

  • Diversity Council

  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas

  • who is contributing code

  • volunteer contributions

Unfortunately I will be at an all day meeting up at Epic so won’t be able to attend this week!