OpenMRS Leadership Team Call 2016-12-15

Hi Everyone,

There is a leadership call scheduled for this Thursday, December 15 @ 4pm UTC (12pm ET). If you normally attend but are unable to this week please let @jeffneiman know. Also if there are any additional topics or updates you would like to see on this agenda or a future agenda please let me know.







Monthly Items

  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
  • Partnerships- third Thursday

Quarterly Update

  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Diversity Council
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
  • who is contributing code
  • volunteer contributions
  • go through some of the numbers–and gather them before the TH and review them
  • consider looking at Bitergia

Parking Lot Items

  • Recurring governance structure
  • OSCON 2017 Brainstorming (Dec 2015 Brainstorm for May 8-11, 2017)
  • Strategic Goal Updates (every six weeks)- one each week/ ongoing
  • Review suggested organizational/ community changes (need to find list MD made)
  • Roles of the Community Manager

we need to (someone needs to?) get the Uganda banners off and talk, now that the conference has concluded. If we have some web product of the meeting - like the agenda w/ the link to notes of the sessions, we could keep the announcements for the next few months, and link people to “here’s what happened”

I posted some “For next year” items about elections in the notes: Not sure how to ensure they don’t get lost

Followed up with Andy (and later Terry) about some of the expanded information stuff I mentioned re Funding. Will also send to Michael, but this has more to do with information we should add to the website than with the broader development picture

Burke and I removed the announcement from Talk. (I think it’s already gone from

i agree; the web banner is off ( at least in my view) and there is a link to the schedule and notes ( still need to put together an action list)