OpenMRS Leadership Team Call 2016-11-10

Hi Everyone,

We have a leadership call scheduled for this Thursday, November 10 @ 4pm UTC (12pm ET). If you normally attend but are unable to this week please let me know. Also if there are any additional topics or updates you would like to see on this agenda or a future agenda please let me know.

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Quarterly Update

  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Diversity Council
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
  • who is contributing code
  • volunteer contributions
  • go through some of the numbers–and gather them before the TH and review them
  • consider looking at Bitergia

Parking Lot Items

  • Recurring governance structure
  • OSCON 2017 Brainstorming (Dec 2015 Brainstorm for May 8-11, 2017)
  • Strategic Goal Updates (every six weeks)- ongoing
  • Review suggested organizational/ community changes (need to find list MD made)
  • Roles of the Community Manager

@jeffneiman two things:

  1. I saw this in the notes:

Next Week Strategic Goal 1 @Burke- deferred

Next week will be at AMIA - maybe we should cancel the LT call. Alternatively, someone could try and make room in the schedule, but the 11-12 Central slot is when several folks are leaving to drive back to Indy, or for the airport.

  1. I added a search string/URL to the “Recurrent Topics” area that will bring up the talk threads for these calls. Doesn’t work great because the threads are not named consistently, but a) maybe we should name them consistently, and in a way that lets them sort (such as “yyyy-mm-dd Leadership Team call”) and b) alternatively, we could add the weeks specific Talk link to each week’s notes page, going forward.
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Good idea with the search string. At one point the naming system changed and I went back to what I saw @jthomas doing for a long time which is why the naming structure is the way it is now.

As for the LT next week, we may need to postpone it.

Please see any action items that pertain to you here:

I removed the LT call for next Thursday, November 17 from the OpenMRS ‘Events’ wiki page due to the Post AMIA meet-up. We talked about this a few weeks back since the other meeting was taking place. This is just an FYI in case the LT meeting needs to go back on the calendar.