OpenMRS Leadership Team Call 2016-06-09

Hi All,

We have a leadership call scheduled for this Thursday, May 26. If you normally attend but can not this week please let me know. Also if there are any additional topics or updates you would like to see on this agenda or a future agenda please let me know.

6/9 Agenda

Transition of Community Management

  • infrastructure (all of the various machines we use to do our work) - Burke
  • communication infrastructure (conference lines, talk, help desk, etc) - Burke
  • community engagement (responding to questions, external representation at events, etc) - ?
  • events (conferences, camps, GSoC, etc) - ?
  • community guidance (weighing in on strategic direction, etc) - ?


  • 501c3?



ACTION ITEMS: Review Documents

Parking Lot Items


If members from the community would like to see a specific agenda item added to the topic queue or would like to join an upcoming leadership call please reach out to @jthomas

I would like to be on this call please…what time is it?

Sorry @r0bby, I saw your pm and replied there, but didn’t see this thread. Yes, please join us. The call is noon eastern time on unerconference.

I’m sorry for the late notice, but I’ve been called into an urgent meeting overlapping this time and will not be able to attend today’s leadership call. I’ll catch up via notes later.