Openmrs jira issue ,Jira is down

Openmrs jira is down , i cant access openmrs issues using google chrome browser , unfortunately , when i try another browser it works very fine, cc: @dkayiwa, @cintiadr

Mine works fine even with chrome. could you log out and in again @sharif.Try refreshing the page.

@irenyak1 still the same scenario in google chrome but i have shifted to chromium because it works fine meanwhile i will give it time for google chrome, thanks @irenyak1

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Am unblocked now thanks @irenyak1 though another way of getting unblocked , just opened openmrs issues in chromium browser, picked a jira link issue and pasted it in google chrome and everything worked fine.

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@sharif , Jira in a few cases misbehaves in the browser , but the only way to comfirm its down or up , is to always check here.
Otherwise most times its a few issues related to your browser cache or session time out , some thing around there.

Thanks alot @mozzy

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