Openmrs is not able to start


hello community, @mozzy @dkayiwa @ruhanga @k.joseph
i am running standalone in order to reproduce a bug on but am getting an error saying that openmrs is not able to start

, any ideas on how i can fix this?

(Moses Mutesasira) #2

@gclif, are running a standalone or using the sdk??

(Moses Mutesasira) #3

The reason i ask , is , you seem to have made a a change in the database configurartions in the openmrs properties file

(Moses Mutesasira) #4

in case your using the sdk , restart your database and also your openmrs instance and make sure the databse configurations in the openmrs properties file , match with the database configurations


@mozzy am running standalone

(Moses Mutesasira) #6

ok , have you made any local changes in the openmrs-runtime.propeties file??


no, but after deleting the other omod file ,things changes

(Moses Mutesasira) #8

ok , did you n anyway temper with the database folder??

(Moses Mutesasira) #9

that does not seem to have any problem


mysql was down and i reactivated it

(Moses Mutesasira) #11

but a standalone does not use the mysql on your computer …it comes with its own packaged database

(Moses Mutesasira) #12

take a snapshot of your local installation folder, and i see what exactly your running…you seem not to be running a standalone app?


oh okay, thanks for the clarification :+1:

(Moses Mutesasira) #14

does your local installtion folder look like this ??


yes like that

(Moses Mutesasira) #16

now an easier option , can you try to extract a fresh standalone from the zip?? and try to run it


okay let me do that

(Moses Mutesasira) #19

@gcliff, did you atlast solve the error??


yes i did, thank you

(Herbert Yiga) #21

kindly put the solution for this error here