OpenMRS is not able to start - Mac 10.14.6

referenceapplication-standalone-2.9.0: 2.9.0


I’m running Mac OS 10.14.6, Java 8 update 221. I’m trying to install the standalone 2.9 version, 10,000 records should be fine for my needs for a while. I have unzipped and run the openmrs-standalone.jar but i get an ‘OpenMRS is not able to start.’ error. I’m not sure how to share the code? i canot upload an attachment as a new users and the log is too large for pastebin without being a pro users

Thanks for any help

Is the log still too large even after you stop the standalone, delete the log file, and then run the standalone again to reproduce the problem?

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Hi, thanks for the reply. If i delete the tomcat log file (I presume thats the log files we’re talking about) then I cannot restart because I get the message ‘The tomcat port is not available. Please enter another one.’ If i choose a different port i get the same error and the log file is still too large. I’m no expert in this stuff, I was hoping to be able to just run it intially to get going, so thanks for you patience.

Can you break the log into parts for pastebin?


Hi, it going to be 4 pastes if you need it all…