OpenMRS iOS Client: What you want to see next!

Hello everyone,

I’m looking forward to further extend the iOS client for OpenMRS, but not really sure what should be the next thing to add :smile:, so I decided to ask the OpenMRS community who are -in the end of the day- the actual users! :smile:

So let me know if you have any suggestions. To know more about the current status of the app:

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@yousefhamza: We are really proud of your quality work on iOS client extensions project. Keep it up the awesome work Yousef, Thank you.

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I could think of plenty of existing functionality (i.e., features of the web app) that could be ported to the iOS app, but how about adding something uniquely useful to the phone?

  • Capture images securely into the patient’s chart. Tap a “Camera” :camera: app, select a patient, and then capture 1-to-n images into the patient’s chart with an optional caption for each +/- a short note to go with the images. These could be stored as complex obs (images) within an encounter.

  • Capture patient photo. When editing a patient on the iOS device, allow the user to snap a photo of the patient to add as a patient picture within OpenMRS.

These would require a little server-side work (maybe a small module to enable to functionality server-side), but we could bundle the module(s) with the reference application or at least ensure it’s installed on the demo server.

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Both look good, first one needs more investigation tho.

You referred at the top for features of the web app that could be ported, can you a list 5 of what you see most important of them. I thought before of something simple like displaying the allergies of patient?


  • Patient dashboard. When you search for a patient and select them, show a patient dashboard (example, must be logged into demo admin/Admin123 for link to work), showing diagnoses, vitals, appointments, visits, and/or allergies. In the future, links could be added to each section to manage those data or jump to appropriate features in the app (e.g., a link in the list of visits to start a new visit). You kind of have this in the Patient Search feature, but the default view is all demographics.

  • Appointment Scheduling. Maybe just viewing for a first pass.

  • Mini Chart Search. After selecting a patient, let a provider review (in reverse chronological order) and search all observations for that patient.

  • Basic Order Entry. Allow a provider to create an encounter with one or more orders. You could mimic something like the ebola project’s approach (currently running at

Other suggestions for the iOS app

  • Allow for a “selected patient” context within the app. So, a user could select a patient and then choose different “apps” (functions) to run against that patient without having to re-select the patient. Within screens that work against a patient, the current (active) patient could be shown in a small header at the top of the app. Tapping on the header would show details (demographics) and let you select a different patient or dismiss it (go bac to having no active patient).

  • Within Patient Search, provide a way to collapse actions (currently “Actions…” expands when tapped but that action cannot easily be undone). If “Actions…” stayed as a section header (perhaps slightly smaller height), then tapping on it could toggle expand/collapse of actions.

  • Keep patient in header when viewing visits/encounter/etc. Currently the header changes to “Visits” or “Encounters” and you cannot easily see which patient’s data you’re viewing.

  • Show encounters as children (rather than peers) of Visits. In the OpenMRS model, the patient comes to clinic or hospital for a visit and one or more encounters occur within that visit. To match this, it might make more sense to make it such that tapping on a visit slides to a (child) screen that shows all of the encounters for that visit instead of having separate & independent visit & encounter views.