OpenMRS iOS client v2.0 translation file

Hey everyone! :smiley:

This is your chance if you want to contribute to the iOS client for OpenMRS to make it available for your people!

@uzanysa - Bahasa Malaysian translation @alexis_duque - French translation @maany - Hindi translation @hermann - German translation @lluismf - Spanish translation @eurico_jose - Portuguese translation Thanks for your contribution so far! and we would to still have your support! :smile:


Thanks in advance for everyone.

I just updated my translation:

I have some questions regarding the translated strings:


Thanks for your feedback will fix those typos :smile:

About the last enquiry, the current offline saving setup doesn’t support multiple servers, so the data saved on the device is deleted upon switching servers.

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@uzanysa @alexis_duque @maany @lluismf @eurico_jose

Hi there, We are making a release like couple of days from now so If you can put sometime into it before then that will be great to be able to have your language support in the release!

@dmytro_trifonov You find the link in the first post here :smiley:.

Thanks all for your contributions so far :smile:

Hi @yousefhamza,

Sure, I will help, traducing the new file in french :smile: I can do that by this week-end.

Sorry for the delayed reply, I haven’t understood you need us to update our translation for the OpenMRS IOS Client 2.0.



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@yousefhamza, you can get the updated french translation here :wink:


@alexis_duque Thank you for your contribution!

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