OpenMRS iOS Client v2.0 release soon!

Hey Everyone! :smiley:

A new major release of the OpenMRS client will be released soon to the App store!

The new features:

  • Rewritten Login view with a separate button for login to demo server
  • New settings icon in the mainmenu
  • Adding more information there, like the OpenMRS server URL and a link to the project page
  • Also added refreshing timer that you can configure to refresh the patient data when it’s open on the device
  • Added XForms support
  • User can view available xforms to fill
  • User can save the xforms to fill where there’s not internet connection
  • User can open XForms and fill it from the App with 2 UI choices that you can choose from the settings
  • User can submit XForms from the app to edit encounters for that patient on server
  • User can view the XForm used to edit encounter from the app -If the encounter is set by an XForms-
  • When no internet connection, user can save the filled forms offline to send them later when he has internet connection
  • Better handling for all the network errors across the app
  • Adding a new Activity indicators all across the app

A demo video for the XForms.

Many contributions in this release, Thanks everyone, and Kudos for your work! @yousefhamza - current active developer of iOS client extensions project, GSoC student @parkererway - initial developer of the iOS client project, former GCI student @harshadura - mentor of the iOS client project, GSoC/GCI @dkayiwa - Our XForms sponsor :smiley: he helped us a lot to be able to test the module and many other questions :smiley:
@uzanysa - Bahasa Malaysian translation @alexis_duque - French translation @maany - Hindi translation @hermann - German translation @lluismf - Spanish translation @eurico_jose - Portuguese translation

You also have a chance there to contribute to your language soon! I will share the new translation file very soon!

Check the video and please let us know your feedback and any more features you want in the iOS client of OpenMRS later :smile: JIRA:

Thanks Everyone!


If it will be helpful, I can make Ukrainian and Russian translations, so you may ask me for this :smile:


As I said you still can participate in the translation if you want! :smile: I will post the translation file by tomorrow

Nice work @yousefhamza

Where I can get this file? maybe this: ?