OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions project idea

Notice For all the interested Students: Please submit your /draft/ proposals for this project to google-melange onwards now, So we could improve upon. Thanks!

PS: You also can edit contents of the melange submissions afterwards. So don’t wait till the last moment.

Harsha, In the above post of Yousef, under (a) he has mentioned that ODK solution isn’t applicable in IOS and I misunderstood your answer to that question :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am interested in this project. I have extensive iOS experience and am currently building an app for a school project that requires the same data. I have been building the app with guidance from Alberta health services. I am aware I am joining this late, so were would you like me to start, and what would you like me to do over the next 7 days? Thank you, Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

Welcome on board! You are not that much late, Just submit your draft proposal to melange - so we can improve upon on the coming days till deadline. The next steps are discussed already in the first post FAQ section. Let me know if you have any problems, thanks!