OpenMRS Interface change after upgrade

I have upgrade Openmrs from 2.0.6 to 2.3.2. After the upgrade and uploading the reference application addons the interface changes and I can’t even view some of the things which were on the older version. Before upgrade

After upgrade

What did i do wrong?

According to the screenshots haven’t seen anything wrong except those apps looks kinda different from whats on is there anything else that looks as not expected that we can rectify

Actually there is a difference for example this is a patient overview from openmrs 2.0.6 and 2.3.2. Openmrs 2.0.6 was customized by someone else, i thought upgrading it to 2.3.2 i would not have to fix anything on the user interface but apparently i have to. On the first view you see a lot of variables and after upgrading openmrs you only see the standard variables. Patient1

Its seems this was customized by someone else ,can you share the url you are trying to run for the screenshot obtaining customized patientdashboard, however ours bylast screenshot is as expected everything is ok except if you plan to customise yours like the above

Feel free to share the url and i try to check it if it can be accessible, apparently openmrs doesn’t have those features implement thanks

This is the URL

are all you modules started

Yes modules are started. These are the files on openmrs 2.0.6.

How come I don’t see the same structured tabled view on the second view while I have copied the same jsp file “patientOverview.jsp” to /WEB-INF/view/portlets after installation. What am I missing?

And all modules have started

We cannot specifically tell exactly what is missing , unfortunately that second table with data extracted seemed to have been created in Nov that’s why you can access it but not in current refApp 211, according to the screen shot. Can you try to fetch same data as you are doing in second table in current refApp 2.11 feel free to us thats where we can track that change

You know after having problems with displaying patient interfaces with openmrs 2.3.2 I decided to install another copy of openmrs 2.0.6 and copy the omods and jsp files from openmrs which is working which is also 2.0.6. I tested it and the above images is what i get. (Note: I am not the one who installed the first openmrs 2.0.6). I just wanted to upgrade it but the interface is giving me problems. I have checked I see this is a bit different.

@sharif Is this the design view and not the user view?

This page display does not depend on this file “patientOverview.jsp”? Because I remove the file and the patient overview still display the same way