OpenMRS installion Error on Macbook

I am trying to setup openmrs for the first time in my M2 MACBOOK and I am facing some error when it comes to database connection.

Attached is the image or the error am getting.

Ive setup my mysql as root user and It already has a passwors setup but when openmrs tries to connect to the database it fails.

I was using this documentation in setting up

So, in the screenshot of the log there’s this line:

Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

This seems to indicate that in the setup wizard, when setting up the connection, you entered the user name for the database user, but left the password blank. Unless your MySQL instance is configured to accept passwordless connections for the root user (and this actually requires a bit of manual configuration to make happen), you need to supply the password for the root user in the start-up wizard. From the screen you’re currently on, you can just click the green arrow and go through the wizard process again.

From the instructions you linked to:

Here, you should see a box asking for a password. This is the password for your mySQL. This is the same password that you used to start the SQL server earlier.

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