OpenMRS Installation Problems and Solutions on Ubuntu

Hi, we recently installed OpenMRS on Ubuntu following the wiki page. However, it is a little bit outdated. We would like to create a Q&A page for problems we faced and solutions we gave on the wiki page since the comment function on the wiki page is blocked. Is there any other suggestions where we could update the information?

We have encountered and solved problems on both user installation and developer’s installation.

Problems solved include no UI interface, mySQL version, http 500 error etc.

We are looking for a proper place to post what we have and help other new developers and users to setup OpenMRS quickly.

This is a great innitiative @maywu Please keep up the spirit of sharing to help others! :slight_smile: You can start by creating a page like what i did here Then we can always move it to any place we feel more appropriate.

Hi Everyone,

I just finished my first installation on Ubuntu 14.04, and I want to share a few observations after following the wiki at:

The installation was fine until I got to the part of choosing the installation type (simple, advanced, test). The installation was not able to create the file in my .OpenMRS directory, so I had to create one in the /webapp directory following this wiki:

I also set the env variable OPENMRS_RUNTIME_PROPERTIES_FILE to the newly created runtime properties file.

Then there was an issue with mysql – I had to make sure that the firewall accepted a tcp connection to port 3306, and that the hosts.deny file allowed a local connection.

I previously created the database openmrs, and a sample user to make sure that I could use mysql with the existing jdbc driver, but choosing the simple installation caused some sql connectivity error (likely that the db name variable was not set using the simple installation). Choosing the advanced installation helped, and the installation succeeded.

I hope this helps someone else.


Thanks @annau for sharing! :slight_smile:

Do you mind updating that wiki page with these tips?