OpenMRS install on AWS platform

Application Name: OpenMRS

Hello newbie here. Looking forward to installing OpenMRS for an onsite first aid clinic.

Wondering if anyone has successfully installed Open MRS on the AWS platform and if by chance there are any video tutorials how to do so or where the best source of how to on this topic would be.

I previously used another EMR that was essentially loaded onto AWS with a few clicks and security add ons to ensure HIPPA compliance. However, seeing this one I much prefer the options. However, I am not a tech or programming guru. Have some knowledge and still learning.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Great to hear from you Cheryl, welcome!

From a quick google for “openmrs aws” I found the following:

I hope this helps as a starting place - please do let us know here if you are still stuck. This is a helpful reminder that we can continue to make instructions for things like this more clear.


May I ask out of curiosity, which was this alternative? Very curious to see how their few-clicks workflow goes. And, could you share which options you prefer? It helps us to know what we are doing right :slight_smile:

Thank you Cheryl!

Hi Grace, Thanks so much for the response. I saw some ot the info but will wade thru it all to ensure I understand it before deploying it. As for the OpenMRS I really like you can create your own custom forms and it has the formbuilder to do so. I also like the appearance and how streamlined and modern it is and as I went thru the demo it was ease. Which once set up it appears the learning curve for any nurses that follow it may be much easier. I will have to get you the workflow on the other tomorrow. It’s a nice program kind of but looks were very antiquated. A bit clunky and it to was very limited on how to on the AWS platform. Sparse hit and miss info.

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This is very helpful feedback!! Thank you so much @cherylr. Just to confirm - is this basically the interface you were looking at?

Hi Grace, Yes this and the other log in appointment areas portion very neat clean easy to read and navigate. Forgot to mention I also like the already integrated FHIR

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