OpenMRS in Nigeria - data laws

I’m looking to have OpenMRS deployed within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have clinics within Nigeria using it.

AWS does not have a server location in Nigeria and so I’ll need to have the server situated in South Africa which means the data is stored there.

For anyone else who is using OpenMRS in Nigeria, are you aware if it is fine if the data lives outside of the country? How are you currently deploying OpenMRS (for those who do not have a local install)?

Thanks in advance!

cc @jaghatise, @willa, @ggomez I believe you can be of help to Danial.

@danialbet could you please describe your proposed implementation. I am based in Abuja and can provide support to get you going.

We deployed the system locally partly because we did not want to run into troubles with Nigerian laws.

We have a few different clinics in Nigeria who will be using the system, but we are planning on hosting the system on AWS instead of install it locally as it will help us get it up and running quicker.

Is there something specific you’re looking for with respect to the implementation plan?

I appreciate your offer to help!

@danialbet, I am currently supporting Bahmni implementations in Northern Nigeria and all our instances are local with a possibility of syncing ‘some’ data online for reporting, decision making and quality management. So, is your implementation project specific (like HIV/AIDS)and time-bound?

This really depends on your data agreement with MoH. Who is the owner of the data? But as others have said, hosting your data locally is your safest bet as you are normally not allowed to host your data outside of the country or even sync data outside of the country that identifies patients. You could also look into the eHealth policies.

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Hello @danialbet following up on your implementation efforts in Nigeria.

Do you have a status update?

Are you using a custom build OpenMRS instance?

You might want to look at NigeriaMRS build with OpenMRS to give greater context to your implementation in Nigeria.