openmrs in french

Hi everyone, I have just come to know OpenMRS and therefore interested in implementing it and using it for some clinics in our non-governmental structures. But I need to implement in French for the interface language and also for the CIEL default concept dictionary. I implore your help. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Omega

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Is this of help Localization and Languages - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

Thanks Sharif for replying. I will check and let you know

@omega Partners In Health uses OpenMRS with French, Spanish, English, and other languages. You should find the application and many of the CIEL dictionary concepts already translated into French.

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If you find that you need an existing CIEL concept translated into French, please let us know. MSF is also producing a lot of French translations of concepts.

Hello Professor, I am writing to you as instructed by OpenMRS Wiki. I am currently involved in an OpenMRS implementation project in a network of clinics and hospitals belonging to a church structure in Benin in West Africa. I allow myself to turn to you to have access to the dictionary of CIEL concepts in French if possible so as not to start from scratch. Looking forward to reading from you soon, I wish you a good evening. Best regards, Frederic H. Omega Junior

Frederic, the best way to get the current CIEL dictionary is via the Open Concept Lab and subscription module. You can also get the files from dropbox but it is harder to update than using OCL. If you need to have access to the dropbox, please send me an email directly with your email for dropbox.